Message from the Board of Directors


The Salvador Caetano Group’s DNA is made up of seven decades of history and the dedication of its People.

This is what the Being Caetano spirit of our companies is made of. We’ve been nurturing proximity among our employees, partners and customers from the outset, because that’s what allows us to exchange ideas and generate good business.

Our prerogative has always been to continuously innovate the products and services we develop, by reinventing present certainties and developing new business models, in line with our customers’ needs and desires. Constant evolution on all fronts should inspire us to do better every day, without ever undermining the innovation and modernity that put us in a leading position.

Always seeking to do more and better is clearly part of our identity. Our companies are characterised by a spirit of continuous improvement and act as schools, where we learn, try, create and relearn, turn our everyday lives into a journey of learning and responsibility in delivering added value to everyone we deal with.

We’re mobility on the path we travel day after day. This purpose is our universal language, which drives us and takes us further. It’s with this restless spirit that we drive change and help build the future.

Together, we help people moving.